Dead Body Bag (Baby)

Dead Body Bag (Baby)

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Size: 30×60 (adult)

Seam type: Seamless, as a single piece

Features: Waterproof – Odorproof

Other Sections:  Transparent part for credentials

Material: Polyester

Color: Black

Zipper Type: Starts at the tip of the foot and ends at the tip of the head

Number of Handles/Grips: 4 (in total from right and left)

Carrying Capacity: 150 kg

Parcel Size: 60x40x40

Number of Products in a Parcel: 40

Parcel Weight: 6 kg


Baby Body Bag

Baby body bags, can be used in carrying and packaging areas. Result of accidents, sudden deaths, body bags come with carrying staff and the body put in bags and carried to the morgues. There are no stitches on the product, product is one piece. Gauges of baby body bags are 30×60. On product there is a zipper which provides integrity and to see body in it, after closing the zipper, ends all interaction of body with outside. The zipper starts from tiptoe and ends at hill. After body placed to body bag, zipper is closed and never opened without going to morgue. Body bags are used most in hospitals, at accidents and in morgues. Reproduction of bacteries in dead bodies makes necessary using body bags. Liquid proof property of product helps at the time of accident or death never leak harmful liquids from the body and also property of impervious against to liquids from the outside provides not to break down any of findings on the body which will go to examination. Beside liquid proof property, product has odour proof property too, this property when bodies start to smell after a while of death prevent this smell and germ, bacteria which is aerosolizable or any dangerous situtaiton. Baby body bag is black and body in the bag is not visible. It was produced with using poliester fabric. There are 4 holding apparatus (handle) edges of product, 2 of them at right, 2 of them at left. Holding apparatus are enduring against to split, laceration and abrasion. İdentity information of body in the bag again takes part on the transparent divison which is upside of the bag. Carrying capacity of product is 150 kg. As Hanımağa Medikal we never concede from our ‘’fair trade’’ principle and review repeatedly in depth each of orders  you, our valued customers’s. We package carefully each of our products, not to crush, rend and we provide not to be damaged never. Our products are placed to packages in size 60x40x40, Number of product in package can change according to products. Baby body bags are placed to packages as 40 quantities and delivered to our customers.

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