Green Fabric

Green Fabric

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Material: %100 Cotton

Colour: Green

Material Details: 62 fabric staple/cm, yarn no 20/1 staple/cm, warp 40 staple/cm, weft 20 staple/cm

Fine-Meshed Fabric: Yes

Fabric Size: At least 160-200 cm, (except the edges)

Fabric Features: Rip-stop, durable, non-fibrous

PH Value: 5-8

Other Fabric Features: Antistatic, liquid and water absorption, actinic, water vapor permeability, Indanthrene dyed, nonstaining

Shrinkage: %2 (high temperature)

Cleaning Instructions: Under the pressurized steam (134 degree autoclave), 1/3 dilute bleach

Edge Features: No yarn or seam waste

Colour Change: NO

Suitability for Steam Sterilization: Yes


Green Fabric

Green fabric is the most preferred the using in hospitals by its structure, it is seen in covering patient, masks and operating rooms. With spreading out on operation tables, it is purposed to provide sterilization of patient. It is necessary to provide hygienic environments in operating room. One of the reason of preferring green color in operating rooms is, green is the opposite of red and making possible to see blood comfortably, after a long while looking to blood, the doctor can renew the eyes with looking to green. The product has produced %100 cotton its fabric has consisted of 62 wires. The thread number is 20/1 wire, warp is 40 wire and weft is 20 wire. The product has dense woven and the woven is at least 50 knots. The fabric can be produced in different gauges and at least in 160×200 gauges and sides of the product are not involving this. The product is endurable against to rend and be punctured, after using of it, doesn’t make fibrillation and clumping on it. PH of the product is between 5 and 8. The product is antistatic, transmits the electricity that consisted in the human body and clothes over itself and prevents the accumulation of electricity. It is a situation like consisting grounding in operation. It is antistatic and doesn’t be burnt and ignited easily. It protects human health by discharging the electricity in the body and prevents material damages. In some operations, can be required to use burnable material, in these situations, green fabric prevents the unwanted accidents. The product absorbs water and liquid, perms water vapor. It is dyed indanthrene, this dye protects color of product the color doesn’t fade when the product is washed or passed through sterilization processes. Dyed indanthrene products are endurable against heat, light, acids, alkalis and also chemicals that have high color bleaching capacity. The product can be washed with more than one ways or can be sterilized. It can be sterilized with steam method under high temperature and pressure, this process is also convenient for a 134 degree autoclave, it can be added 1/3 diluted bleacher. After washing and sterilization processes, there is %2 shrinkage in the product. After washing, there is no stain on the product. The product was produced in environment that found hygienic with permission of Ministry of Health. As Hanımağa Medikal we never concede from our ‘’fair trade’’ principle and review repeatedly in depth each of orders  you, our valued customers’s. We package carefully each of our products, not to crush, rend and we provide not to be damaged never.

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