About us

As HANIMAĞA MEDICAL, which set out on a beautiful and exciting journey from Samsun in 2001, we love what we do and work with the awareness that we serve in an important field.

We want a future where healthy, happy and beautiful days will surround the whole world, and we know that the way to this is sacrifice.

From our employees to the R&D department, we work in a family harmony with our entire team, so we constantly increase our quality and serve the whole world.

As HANIMAĞA MEDICAL, which set out with the principle of “Honest Trade” and continues on its way without compromising on quality, we contribute to the solution of the employment problem in our country. We worked day and night for our country and the world, for everyone in the health sector. As HANIMAĞA MEDICAL, which received certificates such as 13485, 13795, ce, en141 26, FDA, ISO 9001:2015 and various awards, thanks to its understanding of quality products and new and useful products that shape the sector, we have registered our quality and reliability to the world.

The quality of our disposable and reusable sterile, non-sterile products has long exceeded the borders of our country, and our company has become a well-known and sought-after brand in the world. Our company, which sells the products most trusted by the health personnel who seek perfection in the world and in our country, responds to the needs of the sector immediately. We do not compromise on quality by saying “health first” in our products where we use anti-allergic and antibacterial fabrics. Covid 19 protective clothing; We are proud of being a pioneer in the sector with the innovations we have brought to these products such as level 1, 2, 3 and 4, coverals, overalls and body bags.

We are growing a little more every day on this path we set out as a family, and we define our plans and programs with the awareness of the responsibilities of this growth. We shape the world in disposable and reusable medical products, strengthen our country’s economy with our exports to the Middle East, Asia and the United States, and supply quality and world-class products that will meet all needs in the field of medical textiles.

As Hanımağa MEDICAL, which adopts the principle of serving our country and the world, we work for healthier, happier and more beautiful days.

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