Huge Size Dead Body Bag

Huge Size Dead Body Bag

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Size: Adult 100×200

Seam type: Seamless, as a single piece

Features: Waterproof – Odorproof

Other Sections:  Transparent part for credentials

Material: Polyester

Color: Black

Zipper Type: Starts at the tip of the foot and ends at the tip of the head

Number of Handles/Grips: 6 (in total from right and left)

Carrying Capacity: 250 kg

Parcel Size: 60x40x40

Number of Products in a Parcel: 20

Parcel Weight: 10 kg


Body Bag

Oversized body bag is used for bigger than accustomed human bodies. The purpose of usage of body bags is protect funeral personnel or funeral relatives against germs and bacteries which can sprawl from the body. After a while human died, his body stops fight against to bacteries and reproduciton of bacteria accelerates, in that cases, everybody should be protected around the body, the easiest way of doing, put the body in body bags. Body bags are usually used for operations of carrying bodies but in some cases which involve disease can used for operations of burying too. Body bag prevents pre-burial staff from close contact with the body. Gage of oversized body bag is 100×200. Product is one part and there are no stitches nowhere. Liquid proof, property of liquid proof is important to protect both of parts. As interruption of interaction of body with outside in the bag, to protect people which are out of the body against to leak from inside too much important and it can be provided with body bags. Deaths can show diversity therefore, interruption of interaction with outside is the best. Product is odour proof, bodies can stink after a while of death times and to avoid this situation, body bags can preferred. The colour of oversized body bag is black and produced with using poliester fabric. In the middle of product there is a zipper which is completes integrity and this zipper starts from tiptoe and ends at hill. Carrying capacity of body bag is 250 kg and for people who will make the carrying operation there are 6 holding apparatus, 3 of them at right, 3 of them at left. The other thing on the product is transparent division, there is exist on every body bag and show identity informations of body. Oversized body bag is produces in hygienic environments with permission of Ministry Of Health. The product is quite sturdy, each holding device tested repeatedly, enduring and safe by means of material. As Hanımağa Medikal we never concede from our ‘’fair trade’’ principle and review repeatedly in depth each of orders  you, our valued customers’s. We package carefully each of our products, not to crush, rend and we provide not to be damaged never. Our products are placed to packages in size 60x40x40, Number of product in package can change according to products. Oversized body bags are placed to packages as 20 quantities and delivered to our customers.

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