Vision and Policies


The HANIMAĞA family, which has started with the principle of “honest trade” since its establishment, is determined to carry out this policy without compromise, to maintain its honest image and to want this policy to be applied by its employees in the same way. Regardless of his/her position within the Hanımağa Family, no one can deviate from this policy and must adopt the following principles: to abide by the principles of truthfulness, honesty, fairness and generally accepted morality in our business activities, not evading tax, not offering bribes while transacting in government offices, not misleading the state in the firm’s financial reports, not to harm the environment during our commercial activities, to try to do the least damage in compulsory situation, to protect the right of shareholders and to be honest with them, to abide by the principles of fairness in wages, promotions and appointments, not to act incongruously to human dignity and personal rights of employees, and not let that happen in any situations, to give employees full promised personal rights and all legal rights, not making compromise on quality in sales of goods and services, to aim to satisfy customer satisfaction and needs from sales of goods and services,  not selling fraudulent and defective goods, if sold buy back the product, not making false promises in sales and advertising of goods and services, to abide by out contracts with customers, to not compromise on the principle of truthfulness and honesty against other firms which we buy and sell goods and services and to abide the contract, not to be in unfair competition.


Basic Policy Of Hanımağa Family

Freedom of Employment

Safe and Healthy Working Conditions

Clear and Decent Business Practices

Equality in Opportunity / not to allow harassment

Fait Wages Distribution

Development Of Employees

Customer Policy


We have a wide range and variety of clients with whom we work closely. The attention we give our customers is the value of our company. Our success is based on our ability of facilitating true diagnosis and correct diagnosis with the advanced technology products we provide to our customers, and to increase our customers ‘ laboratory performance and reliability with technological devices and systems used in research and routine studies. We are aware that providing a superior customer service has a much more important role  than providing high-tech and quality products. Being in constant communication with our customers and being able to offer values that will strengthen our relationships every time is a measure of our service quality. As HANIMAĞA family, we have secured customer satisfaction throughout the company and made it an institutionalized policy. Our policy is to give quality, value, service and innovation to our customers by working with them. Our basic approach is not only to meet customer expectations with service quality, but also to be able to perform above expectations by evaluating with customer’s eyes.


As Hanımağa Family,

We provide non-stop after-sales service by offering the right product and service to the right customer, with the right prices, at the right time, through the right sales and service channel. We ensure that customers can be in touch with relevant departments to monitor, understand their needs in the best way, and to satisfy customers at every stages and entirely with the products and services offered, to have their thoughts and to value them. We are accessible so our customers can reach us anytime they want. We set the right targets for customer satisfaction and continuously test the effectiveness of the policies, goals and approaches that are created. For customer satisfaction in an organization that aims for continuous change, we adopt the principle of producing high quality solutions, products and services in order to respond to the increasing needs of technology development and to find solutions for them. We conclude customer requests and complaints with satisfaction. With our quality and services, we are reliable for our customer. We’re consistent so our customers know what to expect from us. We keep our customers ‘ information confidential. We become perfectionists in everything we do.



Our customers are valuable. It is our first priority to continuously create surplus value in line with the needs and expectations of our customers and to meet unconditional Customer Satisfaction. It is our duty to be with our customers and provide support with our sales and after sales services We direct our customers without forcing and fulfill their requests first. It is our principles to be sensitive, ethic and honest. It is our principle to be sensitive to the environment and society, to be fair, honest, well-intentioned and understanding in all relations, to obey laws and moral rules, to fulfill social responsibilities. We rigorously obey the rules and we do not compromise on this. We are always honest with our government, our customers, our staff, our partners in all our activities and protect nature and our institutional social balance. It is our goal to ensure the development of our resources and to achieve better. To create resources  from our activities and ensure rational use of all resources, to make the necessary investment, to accelerate the continuous development of our service performance and resources, to make a profil for our partners/shareholders, to help our employees and the community development economically and socially, to protect and strengthen our company image, to always be a leader, all are our goals. Our human resources determine our quality. The quality of our HANIMAĞA family’s sales and after-sales services starts with the quality of our employees. To be the center of attraction for ambitious and talented young people, to benefit from their abilities, strength and creativity, to increase their productivity, to allow them to develop, to create a working environment where cooperation and solidarity flourish is the path we have chosen for the continuity of the HANIMAĞA family. deneyimini sizlere daha iyi sunabilmek amacıyla websitemizde çerez (cookie) kullanılmaktadır. Çerez Politikamızı buradan inceleyebilirsiniz. Dismiss