Rossmax Compressor Nebulizer NE100

Rossmax Compressor Nebulizer NE100

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General Details:

Thank you for purchasing the NE100 Compressor Nebulizer. With proper care and use, your nebulizer will provide you with many years of reliable treatments. This unit operates on standard AC power. Treatments are delivered quickly, safely and comfortably making this unit ideal for all ages. We recommend that you read this guidebook thoroughly to learn about the features of your nebulizer. Your compressor nebulizer should be used under the supervision of a licensed physician and/or respiratory therapist. Together with your doctor and/or respiratory therapist you can feel comfortable knowing that you are receiving the most effective inhalation treatments for your respiratory condition.

Key Features

Manufactured with VA Technology.

Particle diameter; MMAD 2.591 µm, (FPD : good particle ratio 81.69% )

Power: AC 230V/50Hz, AC 220V/60Hz or AC 110V/60Hz

Weight 1,360 gr.

Noise level < 60 dBA (one meter from NE 100)

Dimensions: 204.5mmx148mmx108mm (8.05×5.83×4.25 inches)

Medication capacity 5 ml (cc)

Suitable for patients with respiratory disorders and ventilation problems such as COPD and Asthma.

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