Disposable Type5/6 Coveralls

Disposable Type5/6 Coveralls

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Disposable Type5/6 Coveralls
Disposable/Reusable: Disposable
Raw Material : %60 Polypropylene (PP)+ %40 Polyethylene(PE) Laminated
Material: 55gr/m2 (GSM)
Features: Fully Protective, Air Permeability, Liquid Proof
Zipper Type: Invisible and Taped Zipper
Zipper Lenght: From waist to neck
Hood: Elastic Hood
Colour: White and Laminated
Sleeve Features: Long Sleeve, Elastic Cuff
Parcel Size: 60x40x40
Number of Products/Items in a Parcel: 50
Parcel Weight: 12 kg
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Daily Production Capacity: 100.000
Quality Standards/Certificates: EC Declaration of Conformity
                                                                 EN 13795-1:2019
                                                                 ISO 9001:2015
                                                                 ISO 13485:2016
                                                                 Regulation 2016/425
                                                                 UNIVERSAL CERTIFICATE
                                                                 UNIVERSAL TEST REPORT
                                                                 EUROLAB TEST REPORT


Type 5/6 Coverall

Type (type) 5/6 coveralls are between the most used medical products to provide sterilization of our health staff nowadays. It is preferred in emergencies, ambulances and too many areas. The pandemic which whole world face off with, make more risky the contacts with patients. Human body has infrastructure that the most available for creation bacteria and infection, the germ which has taken from outside can create big results. Using area of coveralls not just covid-19, it is also preferred in hospitals in where infection, bacteria, germ transmission areas too.  Our health staffs are the most important people in health sector, they have to contact with patients during the treatment, with this reason they wear coveralls which has create barrier property, against bacteria and viruses. Disposable type 5/6 coveralls have liquid proof property. The product is whole, first feet is worn, after that arms are worn and it ends at the head part, there is a hood (hat) at the head part of product and with rubber which is on tip, grips whole face. There are rubbers at wrists, ankles and waist part of product, it grips the whole body completely and create protection against outside.  It is endurable against to high liquid sprays and liquids, prevents the contact of dangerous dry particles with the body. Air permeable property helps to breathe in product the body of our health staff. The product has pop (secret) zipper which is from the waist part to under the neck. The laminated fabric provides the product being one layer, there are tapes out of the product and after the zipper, tapes are stick, it is pretty hard to open it. Type 5/6 coverall provides liquid isolation. The color of product is white, suitable to wear with every kind of uniform or clothing, doesn’t make heaviness to person who wears it, square meter weight is 52 gr and total weight is 190 gr. Sizes are between S and XXXL. Tag, data shift and barcode can be used. It is convenient to quality standards and it has quality certificates. As Hanımağa Medikal we never concede from our ‘’fair trade’’ principle and review repeatedly in depth each of orders  you, our valued customers’s. We package carefully each of our products, not to crush, rend and we provide not to be damaged never. Our products are placed to packages in size 60x40x40, Number of product in package can change according to products. Disposable type 5/6 coveralls are placed to packages as 50 quantities and delivered to our customers.


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