Operating Room Pants And Jersey Uniform

Operating Room Pants And Jersey Uniform

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Disposable/Non-Disposable: Disposable

Colour: All colours

Sex/Gender: Unisex

Features: Liquid Tight/Proof, Air Permeability

Material: 40 gr SMS

Other Material Features: Antiallergic and Antibacterial

Parts: 2

Collar Features: V neck

Sleeve Features: Batwing Sleeve (optional: long sleeve or short sleeve)

JerseyUniform Features: Slit on both sides, right upper pocket

Pants Uniform Features: Waist Elastic, Straight cut pants

Textile Printing: Yes (optional)

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Parcel Size: 60x40x40

Number of Products/Items in a Parcel: 40

Parcel Weight: 17 kg



Operating Room Pants And Jersey Uniform

Disposable operating room bottom top uniform consists of 2 pieces, it has pants and top uniform. Production of product was used 40 gr kind of fabric SMS. In operating rooms propagation of bacteria is thought both sides. In operation environments to cause infection, source of bacteria may be both our health staff and patients. Disposable operating room bottom top uniform which can be worn by our health staff before entering operating room provides protection for both sides. These uniforms can be provided all of the colors and is provided production optional. It is suitable for both sexes. The product is liquid proof, doesn’t absorb liquids and doesn’t create bacteria environment. The product has property of air permeability. The fabric is anti-allergic and antibacterial. Property of anti-allergic makes product suitable for every type of skin, doesn’t make live any skin problems to person who used it. Collar of product V collar, not close to the neck, doesn’t make feel discomfort. The product has more than one arm properties, it can be bat-wing sleeve model optional and long or short arm choice can be added. Right and left sides of top uniform, there are slits, by means of slits, there is no squeezing in waist part. There is pocket right up side. On the waist of bottom uniform there is tire, tire is not thick and tight as much as give feeling discomfort. The pants are straight cut, motion area is large. The pressure which was wanted can be made to disposable operating room bottom top uniform, structure of product is suitable for it. By means of quality materials which was used in production of product, it is endurable against to abrasion, rend and break off, the pressure doesn’t damage to product. The product is produces between S size and XXXL size, when make an order, should be considered it has not large models, it has normal models. It is convenient to quality standards and it has quality certificates. The product is produced in hygienic environments with permission of Ministry of Health. As Hanımağa Medikal we never concede from our ‘’fair trade’’ principle and review repeatedly in depth each of orders  you, our valued customers’s. We package carefully each of our products, not to crush, rend and we provide not to be damaged never. Our products are placed to packages in size 60x40x40, Number of product in package can change according to products. Disposable operating bottom top uniforms  are placed to packages as 40 quantities and delivered to our customers.

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