Intra-Bone Intervention Needle

Intra-Bone Intervention Needle

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A needle set is designed to transfer drugs and fluids from the bone to the body in cases where access to vascular access is difficult.

Technical Specs:

The needle is rotated at a 90 degree right angle with the Driver and it is capable of providing placement into the bone.

Sterile-Disposable-Stainless steel

Should only be used by trained and authorized persons.

15 mm Needle Set (Pink): Designed for patients in the 3-39 kg range and with minimal tissue at the insertion site.

25mm Needle Set (Blue): Intended for patients weighing more than 39kg or patients with too much tissue over the insertion site for the 15mm Needle Set.

45mm Needle Set (Yellow): Designed for patients weighing more than 39 kilograms with excess tissue over the targeted insertion site (eg, oedema, large musculature, obesity)

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